MWA Rules

Random Seed Bracket*
Domination Mode**
3 Minute Round Prep Time***
Player Determined Server****
High Seed Team 1, Low Seed Team 2

Players are to enter the lobby upon invite with their chosen mech for that Round. Switching mechs once in the lobby will not be allowed unless the opponent gives consent at which point the offending party will choose a mech and lock it in. Their opponent will then be given choice by the referee to lock in their current mech or to choose 1 different mech to lock in instead.

Match Map Order:
Steiner Coliseum
Canyon Network
2v2 Test Map

Loadout Restrictions: 
No Streak SRMs
No Flamers
No Strikes
Full custom loadouts enabled
Quirks/Efficiencies enabled

Illegal loadouts will result in forfeiture of that round for the offending player(s). A mulligan may be requested before combat begins but it is ultimately up to the overseeing referee whether it is granted.

Mech Restrictions: 
Tonnage according to the weight bracket specified
Hero, Loyalty, and Pre-Order Mechs are allowed

* The brackets will be automatically seeded once the registration period has closed. 

** Applies to Canyon Network only, Steiner Coliseum and the 2v2 Test Map are Skirmish mode.

*** After each round in a given match participants will have 3 minutes to configure their mech and rejoin the lobby. Taking longer than the allotted 3 minutes will result in forfeiture of the upcoming round and will fall under the referee's jurisdiction.

**** For each Round in a Match both players will come to a mutual agreement which of the 3 servers (NA, EU, AP) to use and present that info to the referee presiding over them. If a decision is not reached quickly then the higher seed player will have choice of server for Rounds 1 and 3, with the lower seed having choice in Round 2.

Excessive harassment of tournament officials, casters, referees, or other players is prohibited and will result in a warning followed by forfeiture of rounds or immediate disqualification of the offending player(s) from the tournament.

The official communications platform for the event is the #mwa_public channel on the MRBC Discord. All competitors are strongly encouraged to register (for free) on discord and join the conversation. This will greatly help our tournament officials to be able to contact you about your current and upcoming matches. 

All questions, concerns, and/or disputes will fall under the arbitration of the tournament officials.