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Posted by Shelle on 04 Jun 2018 (7223 reads)

PGI have kindly provided prize codes for MRBC Season 10 which will be given to division winners now all the results are in. The MCs will be split between the winning teams and will be given to unit leaders to split between their team as they see fit. Leaders of winning teams will need to submit a ticket to provide us with an email address to send the prize codes to. You need to state your name, team, region and division when you send the ticket and only one leader per team needs to send us an email address. Each prize code sent will be worth 500 MCs.

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Account Sharing
Posted by Shelle on 20 Apr 2018 (13836 reads)

It was brought to our attention that a team had allowed a banned player to take part in an MRBC match on a teammates account. After an investigation the following bans have been enforced: Sec is banned from playing in Seasons 10 and 11 of MRBC, and DriFD3S is banned from playing in the remainder of Season 10.

The act of account sharing during a competitive match violates the PGI Code of Conduct. Players that wish to play in MRBC must meet both the ToS and CoC.

The decision is final and there will be no further discourse on this issue. We hope that the rest of the teams can ignore any resulting drama these players or their teams might try to cause and enjoy the rest of their season without breaking the rules.

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S10 Strike Ban Results
Posted by live1991 on 09 Apr 2018 (1998 reads)

S10 Strike Ban Results

Thanks for all teams that voted.

To Ban Strikes 51 % of teams needed to vote for the ban.

Ban Strikes 16 votes - 43.24%
No Ban on Strikes 20 votes - 54.05
Abstain 1 vote- 2.70

Strikes can be used in Season 10 of MRBC

Ban No Ban Abstain
EU - 1st Panthera's SwordsAP - 228th Wild Ones
EU - 31HR AP - Bear's Brawler
EU - CWM EpsilonAP - C-XF
NA-ISENEU - Drapeau Blanc
NA - 228th Swamp FoxesEU - JGx
NA - G0ON "Salty Samurai"EU - RJF
NA - Omega Galaxy Raging BearsEU - The Sentinels
NA - StormbringersEU- DudesClub
NA - TheXNA - 373
NA - Z3TANA - 42 The Answer
NA 1st Crucis Recon RazorsNA - 505
NA-Barnyard CircusNA - BTD
NA - 228 DFA
NA - R79T


Season 10 of MRBC Is About To Start
Posted by Shelle on 07 Apr 2018 (16245 reads)

Another season of MRBC League is about to start, thanks again to all 54 teams who signed up!

The divisions, draw and week 1 fixtures have now been updated on the website. As ever there were some tough decisions to make but we feel confident that the match-ups should be as competitive as we can make them.

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Team Sign Up Process
Posted by live1991 on 25 Mar 2018 (1885 reads)

Team Sign Up Process

If you are new to MRBC, after your team is created you will need to do the following.

1) Read the rules, changes have been made. 2) Update your team roster on your unit profile page, which can be found by clicking 'My Team' in the Team Menu section on the left of the screen. 3) Press Sign up button and select a region.

After you have done that can the main team leader for each team please PM Live1991 on Discord to get the Team leader role.

Thanks MRBC


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