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Blackthornes Dragoons - Dropship Irregulars

Signed up for Season 10
Blackthorne Dragoons(BTD)- 13 years and counting.

Second team of the BTD Competition teams, consists of multiple players from BTD and other friendly units. Goal of helping each member improve and enhance skills that directly impact team play and competition.

Team is comprised of people from the following Units:
Blackthorne Dragoons
Blood Pearls

Blackthorne Dragoons have been a part of the MWO landscape since the start of MWO.

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 13750 Total Matches Played: 15 Average Rep Per Match: 916.67
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pw: Blackthornes

Team Leaders
Pilot Roster
[BTD] RayRazor
[BTD] Zuri Prime
[ BP ] Lusankya
[ BP ] TekDriveTruck
[ BP ] Shaman GW
[ BP ] RedHerring
[BTD] Falkenhayn
[BTD] Haji1096
[BTD] TML Brian
[BTD] StuffYouFear
[BTD] Majorchaos
[BTD] Black Thorn
[BTD] Aidan Lee
[BTD] Nitemox
Current League Standing (view full league table)

NA - Division F

Rank Team Rep Points Drops Won Drops Lost Mechs Destroyed Matches Played
1 Diamond Shark Alpha Galaxy 9350 24 6 208 6
2 Blackthornes Dragoons - Dropship Irregulars 7900 19 11 185 6
3 79th Raptor Talon Cluster 6700 15 15 164 6
4 1st Free Worlds Guards 1580 2 28 39 6
Past Season Performance (view all teams archive)

9 NA - Division E2 11500 3
2 NA - Division D 2250 4
Match Recordings (view all teams recordings)

Season 10 - NA

Season 2 - NA