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Antares Scorpions NA

Not signed up for Season 10
Antares Scorpions

A semi-professional gaming organization, developed upon the principles of camaraderie and intensive training in order to foster the optimal conditions for developing a winning team.

Antares Scorpions has been a dominant force in MechWarrior: Online since 2012, consistently managing to remain a stable, influential team within a highly competitive environment. Active in both the North American as well as European time-zones, Antares Scorpions strives to provide a globally-active community for goal-driven individuals.

For those desiring to join Antares Scorpions, the unit has always placed a high value upon recruiting mature, team-oriented individuals for whom high-end competition is a passion, and who are willing and able to learn and adapt within a dynamic environment. Newer players are also welcome, providing they desire to make a commitment to becoming the best they can be both for the team, as well as for themselves.

Antares Scorpions has been one of the most stable and long-lived gaming organizations to participate in MechWarrior: Online, and with numerous accolades and high-seeded accomplishments to its name, it is looking forward to continued excellence in the field of Battlemech combat.

Accolades for North American Competitions only:

Run Hot or Die

RHoD Season 6:
NA 4v4 Division: Runners up (Undefeated until the finals)

Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission

MRBC Season 6:
NA Division A: Finished 3rd out of 6

MRBC Season 5:
NA Division B: Finished 1st (Promoted)

MRBC Season 4:
NA Division B: Finished 2nd

MRBC Season 3:
NA Division A: Finished 2nd

MRBC Season 2:
NA Division A: Finished 1st

Marik Civil War

MCW Season 4:
Trial of Position (Periphery): Winners (Defeated SwK in the finals)
Planetary Warfare: Our periphery faction (FRR) finished 1st

PGI Official Tournaments

MWO Tournament Series – First Engagement:
Knocked out in the Semi Finals

Last Mech Standing

LMS Season 1 NA:
Bracket 2: Winners (Defeated OMC in the finals)
Crowned overall Supreme Champions for LMS Season 1

Beer Warrior Brawl

BWB Season 1:
Antares Suicide Squad: Finished 2nd


Proxis Season 3:
Clan: Finished as the only surviving Clan with 14 kills and 3 planets

Proxis Season 1:
Pirate: (Awarded ‘Most Outrageous Drop Deck’)

ELP Anniversary 1v1 Tournament

Season 1:
Arn0ldSchwarzenegger: 1st Place (Awesome chassis used)
MangoBogadog: Semi Finals (Centurion chassis used)

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 43745 Total Matches Played: 34 Average Rep Per Match: 1286.62
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7 NA - Division A 6240 4
6 NA - Division A 5415 3
5 NA - Division B 11950 1
4 NA - Division B 6490 2
3 NA - Division A 4100 2
2 NA - Division A 9550 1
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