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Tikonov Commonality Armed Forces Team II

Not signed up for Season 10
TCAF is an organization, created to find and combine into a military-political bloc units and individual players playing for the Capellan Confederation.

In real time TCAF has an active policy of attracting and training new players in MWO. (Write articles, fanfiction, fan-drawn art, advertising game underway and organizations in various forums and websites. Championships are held within the organization. At the time of publication is being prepared offline -activities.

Objectives of the organization:

• The main objective of TCAF, sharing enjoyment of the game and of communication, including in real life;
• Developing and strengthening the position in the gaming universe MWO;
• Finding and organizing adequate players in the friendly staff;
• Helping players and newcomers, including not part of the TCAF;
• Organization of various events.

Official site:

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 34770 Total Matches Played: 42 Average Rep Per Match: 827.86
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9 EU - Division B 2475 6
7 EU - Division C 6900 2
6 EU - Division D 5405 2
5 EU - Division D 8530 2
4 EU - Division E 4320 4
3 EU - Division E 4990 3
2 EU - Division F 2150 3
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