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Smoke Adders (505th Silent Death Cluster)

Not signed up for Season 9
Theta Galaxy of Clan Star Adder, the "Smoke Adders" is a Clan-lore based unit with a long history in competitive MW/BT related titles stretching back to 1996.

We operate in three clusters, with casual players, semi-competitive/community-warfare and competitive league play as their three foci.

The 505th "Silent Death" is our entry level competitive team (DIV E) focused on giving more casual players a competitive opportunity with less of a time commitment, and introducing newer, less experienced players to the competitive scene of MWO against similar opponents! 505th successfully completed their initial foray in MRBC in season 9 and competed in PGI's 2017 World Championship.

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 8475 Total Matches Played: 9 Average Rep Per Match: 941.67
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