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TOG Irregulars

Not signed up for Season 10
TOG is a 25yrs+ gaming community based in the oceanic region. The TOG MWO division has been active since the inception of MechWarrior Online and provide a mature and fun unit for players of all skill levels.

The TOG Irregulars represented in the MRBC are split into two units for Inner Sphere [TOG] and clan [TOGc]. Our IS unit is traditionally aligned to Davion, while our new Clan unit is currently running a mercenary contract between clan factions.

Under the guidance of the TOG MWO division captain White Bear 84, the TOG Irregulars have entered their first competitive teams for the Battle of Midway and MRBC in 2016.

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 2150 Total Matches Played: 4 Average Rep Per Match: 537.5
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Team Leaders
Pilot Roster
[TOG] White Bear 84
[TOG] Dragonkindred
[TOG] Stitchedup
[TOG] Omegaspoon
[TOG] Motown Bob
[TOG] Jester
[TOG] Carby
[TOG] Oranjejus
[TOG] Spiritwalker
[TOG] Skuttle
[TOG] Pyrie
[TOG] Zed 00
[TOG] Astillus
[TOG] WhisperZzar
[TOG] Marauder
[TOG] Guidedbyvoices

[TOGC] Shade Slayer
[TOGc] The Dark Lord
[TOGc] Doc (BL3RM)
[TOGc] Guns
[TOGc] Bilson
[TOGc] StealtH

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7 AP - Division B 2150 4
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Season 7 - AP