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228th IBR "Black Watch"

Signed up for Season 10
The "Black Watch" is the primary competitive NA battalion of the 228th IBR.

Founded by people that wanted to create a unique highly competitive group for people to have fun. The 228th is driven to represent what a top level Competitive MWO unit should be about: teamwork, fun, and big stompy robots.

The "Black Watch" are active in MercStar Invitational, MRBC, and NBT (NetBattletech) leagues, and members are typically active throughout common playing hours. Selection to the unit is competitive, but we welcome new applicants.

Big Roster, Big Numbers, Big Money, Big Bois

While we are a highly esport team we strive to be supportive of new players as well. We offer coaching sessions for $50/minute on skype. (first minute is free) We are an exclusive group of extremely okay individuals that come together to dominate the battlefield, and we are looking for people who can keep up with us.

5 teams in one

We currently run 5 teams(I think?) in various tiers of competitive play, 3 North American teams, a Oceanic team and the other one. When and where ever you play the game you can find homies to fill your pug group in the 228th. (KDR increase guaranteed)

Decorated with Valor, Glory and Valor

Our unit is highly competitive and always strives to be #1. It is in this endeavor that we have found ourselves as one of the premiere MWO esport teams. (top 10 at least, very good)

War has changed.

It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War and it's consumption of life -- has become a well oiled machine. War has changed.
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The 288th IBR is founded and run by people that aim to crush any competition with all the might of their ancestors. Employing the experience gained from the formation of past units in many other games and ignoring the Geneva Conventions, the 228th IBR represents what a competitive MWO unit should be about: teamwork, fun, and committing war crimes.

48th Striker "Black Watch"

Remnant of the various incidents of Kentares IV, the 48th was changed forever after seeing the worst atrocities war has to offer. The secret of their success is their play style heavily affected by repeated violent PTSD episodes.

318th Heavy Assault "Swamp Foxes"

Home of all the Furries within the unit. After surviving The Great Midwest Furfest Gas Attack of 2014, The Swamp Foxes decided to learn the art of Armored Warfare so that one day they can get vengeance. They are known for their superior CQC training and yiffing their opponents to death.

206th Battle "Death from Above"

Worker caste of the 228th, filled with war criminals and oddities. The 206th will do anything for the right amount of c-bills. Unpredictable, greedy and not afraid to break peace accords, they participated in many Inner Sphere historical event, including the Massacres of Kentares VI and attacking some dude's home planet.

226th Dragoon "The Wild Ones"

Born in the darkest corners of the Earth, The Wild Ones only know victory, and they're not afraid to use any means necessary in order to achieve it. They crushed everyone in their way and assumed complete Western World Domination. It's only a matter of time before they organize a coup and take over the 228th.

They also have a weird chair fetish.

17th Hussar "Golden Talons"

Only mentioned in whispers and ghost stories, The Golden Talons are a myth. Their legend haunt the battlefield. It is said that sometimes in the night, you can still hear the incoherent french yelling coming from their officers in the distance.

We are looking for pilots with a teamwork-oriented attitude and an infinite thirst for blood. You must be willing to learn, as well as to share your secret techniques with others, to benefit from as well as contribute to the unit.

It is our belief that players who wish to be members of the 228th IBR can point and click properly and stay away from filthy Lock-on weapons. 228th Pilots caught using LRMs or SSRMs will be expelled from the unit immediately with a complimentary SWOL application. Depending on the case, their bloodline might also be eradicated.

Current Position openings are:

Hanzo Mains
Club Penguin Veterans
Beyblade Champions (great at rotations)
Twitch Viewbots
Someone who I can play Street Fighter with (must bring own stick)

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 41415 Total Matches Played: 41 Average Rep Per Match: 1010.12
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Team Leaders
Pilot Roster
Archon Adam Steiner
TOTOK the Potato Hunter
R 13
One Last Byte
Mikato Soul
s o l i t u d e
Current League Standing (view full league table)

NA - Division A

Rank Team Rep Points Drops Won Drops Lost Mechs Destroyed Matches Played
1 Dropship 5 7765 21 4 178 5
2 ISENGRIM 6575 17 8 142 5
3 228th IBR "Black Watch" 6505 16 9 152 5
4 228th IBR "Swamp Foxes" 4600 10 15 108 5
5 Smoke Adders (373rd Winged Viper Cluster) 4300 9 16 116 5
6 -42- The Answer 1900 2 23 58 5
Past Season Performance (view all teams archive)

9 NA - Division A 12875 3
8 NA - Division A 9175 4
7 NA - Division A 7735 3
6 NA - Division A 6900 1
5 NA - Division A 4530 4
1 NA - Division A 300 3
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Season 10 - NA

Season 8 - NA

Season 7 - NA

Season 6 - NA

Season 5 - NA

Season 1 - NA