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Black Outlaws Mercenary Company

Not signed up for Season 10
Established in April 2015, the original members of the Black Outlaw Mercenary Company broke away from a larger unit in pursuit of autonomy and self-actualization by focussing on Community Warfare.
As our organization grew and time passed, we decided to explore new frontiers and tackle challenges we didn't previously consider to be within our abilities to overcome.
Our participation in the MRBC since Season 6 has given us a new and enriching perspective on our capabilities and laid the foundation to our desire to improve and succeed.

Since we value merit over tradition, we do not have designated leaders, but instead function as a direct democracy.
For reasons of practicality we only accept recruits who are fluent in German.

Feel free to contact any of our members designated to be unit leaders if you are interested in further information or would like to book a sparring match.

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 13490 Total Matches Played: 11 Average Rep Per Match: 1226.36
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calinator - MIA
Imigo Montoya
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7 EU - Division C 6075 3
6 EU - Division D 7415 1
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