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Phoenix Legion

Not signed up for Season 9
## Incoming transmission from HPG
## Starting transmission of unit data

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## Title: The Phoenix Legion - A new beginning
## Link to data server:

## Start of text message:

With about 200 members and 6 active companies, the Phoenix Legion (PHL) is the biggest german spoken MWO mercenary unit. The PHL is primarily focused on CW and having a good time playing MWO toghether. This includes weekly trainings within the different companies, internal matches for fun and glory, big CW events for the whole unit and a lot of spontanous and coordinated group drops in the evenings throughout the entire week.

After some PHL mechwarriors signaled they were interested in competitive play, captain Kaeseblock and sergeant n4sty gathered a team of motivated PHL mechwarriors and lead them on an expedition to the battlegrounds of the MRBC.
The team gathered their first competitive experience in MRBC EU division D in season 6. After a rough start, the PHL team managed to pull off a comeback and missed 2nd place only by a hair's breadth. In season 7 the PHL emerged even stronger and won EU division D.

As a result of this, the PHL took a long jump ahead and landed in MRBC season 8 EU division B. Expectations weren't that high, especially since sergeant n4sty, who led the PHL to many victories in season 7, had to withdraw from the frontlines. To compensate for this loss, Captain Kaeseblock assembled the PHL competitive Mechwarriors right before the start of season 8. The Mechwarriors Torrn, Arend and Tzinjo stepped forward and formed the season 8 PHL tactics team. Brooding over maps, strategies and mechbuilds many nights, they awoke the phoenix' fire. After a decent start with three wins and two losses in the first five matches, the PHLs flames grew more bloodthirsty. The PHL finished off the season with a five match win streak, taking down many well known and formidable opponents. The end result: Second place in EU division B, right behind the 9th Sanguine Tigers.

The fights in season 9 were even more fierce. After a decent start, the PHL managed to finish with a 4:1 Win/Loss ratio, 2nd place in EU division B, close behind the Antares Scorpions. While the Scorpions played an almost perfect season, the PHL was on the same level in the direct matchup (5:5 in drops at the end of the season).

With Div. A being only a hairbreadth away, the PHL is bound and determined to return to the battlefields of the Inner Sphere soon.

Keep on burning phoenix! Ashes - Fire - Fury!

## End of text message
## End of transmission

MRBC Stats | Total Rep: 42800 Total Matches Played: 32 Average Rep Per Match: 1337.5
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PW: harald

Team Leaders
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Dr Gonzo316
El Rizzo
Ian McKay
Sledge Sandoval
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8 EU - Division B 14040 2
7 EU - Division D 8305 1
6 EU - Division D 5355 3
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