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Season 7 Overtime and Final Scores
Posted by Shelle on 02 May 2016 (1138 reads)

We're in the home stretch mechwarriors! Season 7 is now in overtime:

1) If you still have matches to play make sure they are scheduled in and added to My Matches.

2) If you have not entered all your match data and screenshots please amend ASAP. At the end of the season 20,000 C-Bills will be deducted per missing screenshot.

3) If you are the team leader of a division winning team please ensure you have submitted your prize claim ticket.

Remember to submit any feedback via the usual suggestions thread, we do read all you comments. And finally, don't forget follow us on twitter and twitch to get your mobile notifications for the final match casts of MRBC Season 7!


MRBC League Season 7 Prizes!
Posted by Doyle on 21 Apr 2016 (1878 reads)

That's right, PGI have kindly provided prize codes for MRBC Season 7 which will be given to division winners once all the results are in. The MCs will be split between the winning teams and will be given to unit leaders to split between their team as they see fit. Unit leaders of winning teams will need to submit a ticket when all the games for your division have been played and the final scores are in to provide us with an email address to send the prize codes to. You need to state your name, team, region and division when you send the ticket and only one leader per team needs to send us an email address.

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Site Upgrades and Performance
Posted by Shelle on 29 Mar 2016 (1000 reads)

The hosting provider that we've been using for the last 2 years has really under performed in the last 4/5 months. Several weeks ago I selected an alternative provider, and have now installed a new web server (with a newer OS and more security features) located in a high performance Internap datacenter. The new provider offers a dedicated core for all virtual servers, which really helps stabilise web and gaming applications (as performance is more predictable).

The site has been migrated across and is live on the new server, so please enjoy a more stable and responsive MRBC site :) As always let me know if there are any issues.

TLDR; The site is running on shiny new hardware and should be faster.

Please also note this upcoming maintenance:

"An upstream provider will be performing maintenance on one of its routers between 11pm and 4am CDT, starting on 3/31. This maintenance may cause brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency for your server."


New feature: Localised Matchtimes (check your matchtimes!)
Posted by Shelle on 09 Mar 2016 (1112 reads)

A new Localised Match Time feature has been implemented on! You can now edit your personal profile and select yes on the option 'Display upcoming match times in your local time?' to show match times on the schedule and team pages in your local time zone. The default option is 'no', and this will simply show match times in the timezone they were originally input as.

Unit leaders only: 'My Matches' page ignores the local time profile setting, and always displays matches in their original timezone.

As this is a major change to the match table and date code, please double check any matches you have in the database already and ensure they show the correct time and date.


Schedule matches in "My Matches"
Posted by BanditB17 on 07 Mar 2016 (867 reads)

Please remember after you have agreed on a match time with your opponent that SOMEONE from either team creates the match in "My Matches". This will make the match show up on the schedule and is vital for shoutcasters who are looking for matches to cast.


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