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Another Record Breaking Season of MRBC League!!
Posted by Doyle on 04 Oct 2016 (1585 reads)

Another record breaking season of MRBC League is about to start, thanks again to all 75 teams who signed up! Also it's great to see the AP region growing each season, we hope it continues!

The divisions have now been posted. There were some tough decisions to make but we feel confident that the match-ups should be as competitive as we can make them.

A special thanks goes out to BanditB17 for working hard to round up the teams and make them aware that sign ups were open, working on the new rules and format, testing website features and improvements with Shelle and for picking up the slack whenever Doyle or Frost were too busy!

Team Leaders, please take a moment to review your team profile to make sure your preferred match days are set in the order of your priority. These days will be compared weekly to choose your match day 7 days before the designated match week starts. It is important that you stay on top of this to make the scheduling process as smooth as possible. Match fixtures will be automatically generated on a 'best fit' system by the website, based on the preferences teams have chosen. It is also important that you pick 4 different days in order of preference so there will always be a day that works for both teams in any given fixture. You might not always get your first choice of day but you will always get the day that is the most fair to both teams. Just so it's clear, this is decided by a computer program not an admin.

All matches will be scheduled using the default region fallback time. If you would like to move this to a different time, go to your My Matches screen and click "Edit Match Time". You will be able to submit an alternate time for the opposing team to review and accept or reject.
If an alternate time cannot be agreed upon the default region fallback time will be enforced.

Any team that is in the PGI finals that needs to reschedule a match around it should submit a ticket before your fixture date, and as usual we will do our best to accommodate the needs of the teams.

Tune in and follow the MRBC twitch channels for Season 8 action!

Good luck with your matches everyone and we hope you have a great season!


MRBC Season 8 Maps and Dates
Posted by BanditB17 on 26 Sep 2016 (1501 reads)

MRBC Season 8 signups are drawing to a close. There are 58 teams signed up so far at the time of this posting which is a very solid showing. There is still time to get signed up! You have until September 30th to enroll your team. Division fixtures will be posted not long after the signup period ends.

The Map fixtures for Season 8 have been posted in the Fixtures Draw section:
There are 5 weeks posted. With Double Round Robin, Divisions of 6 teams will play through all 5 weeks twice resulting in 10 total matches. This will mean playing both sides of the same maps against an opponent before the season is over.
Divisions of 4 teams (if applicable) will play through the first 3 weeks of the fixture and then repeat the first 3 weeks a second time resulting in 6 total matches.

The dates indicating the start of each match week is also posted to assist in planning your schedule. Please remember to configure your match days in your team profile before the end of the signup period!

Thank you for joining MRBC Season 8. You folks are what makes this league great! See you on the battlefield!


Upcoming Server Maintenance
Posted by Shelle on 07 Sep 2016 (26678 reads)

Our hosting company have advised the following:

"Upcoming reboot on 9/8
Between 12:30am and 4am CDT Thursday, September 8, we plan to gracefully shut down your VDS, upgrade the machine hosting it to an updated version of Xen/Linux, reboot the machine, and bring your VDS back online. We expect for this process to cause approximately 30-60 minutes of downtime for your service."

This will affect all of our sites (MRBC, MWA, Mapstrat) and the MRBC teamspeak.


Posted by Doyle on 31 Aug 2016 (1790 reads)

The sign up period for Season 8 is now open, the rules and website have been updated and PGI have been nice enough to offer MC prizes again for division winners! The exact breakdown of prize amounts for each division winner will be announced in the coming weeks once we know how many teams and divisions there will be. The sign up period will be open for the next four weeks as usual which gives time for the news to spread around the community and for teams to get organised.

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MRBC League Season 8 Projection
Posted by Doyle on 21 May 2016 (1783 reads)

Thanks to everyone for their feedback from season 7, we are currently in the process of having meetings to discuss the rules for season 8, and there are some great changes coming. We are also working on our shout caster guidelines and picking who will make the grade as official MRBC League casters. Thanks again to everyone who gave up their free time to play, referee and cast matches for season 7, we really appreciate everyone who gets involved!

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