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Meta Mechs with One Last Byte from 228
Posted by live1991 on 28 May 2018 (1522 reads)

Meta Mechs with One Last Byte from 228

We have been asking Div A teams to provide some insight into their mech builds and choices.


In the match between ISEN and 228 - Drop 4 Tourmaline desert, One Last Byte steps into a Linebacker-C scoring with 835 damage, 2 kills and 3 assists.

We asked One Last Byte why he ran this mech.

After the ERLL heat nerf, we started experimenting with HLL/ERML combos as an alternative on a lot of the traditional laservom clan heavies (EBJ, HBR, HBK-IIC-A, MAD-IIC, etc.). Defunked on our team ended up going so far as to try the build on a Summoner, the thinking being that on maps like Mining and Rubellite the JJs could provide a substantial advantage for getting into positions quickly and perhaps unexpectedly. The Linebacker traded that vertical mobility for greater ground mobility, which turned out to be a huge asset. The speed of the Linebacker meant that we could comfortably contest caps with a numbers advantage, rotate between flanks to catch unsuspecting mechs with a 64-point alpha, and generally provide a lurking threat to our opponents. Everyone knows the fear of having a light mech come up behind them and unload on their rear armor -- the Linebacker amplified that fear by putting a mech on the field that could not just show up behind opposing mechs or at weird angles, but could also unleash a brutal alpha when it appeared. Even when the mech wasn't being used in a flanking role, the net 20% range boost the mech got from the skill tree and quirks also meant that it could trade effectively, which combined with the fact that it could relocate quickly meant that the mech wasn't easy to trade against. It became a staple in our decks for the versatility it provided in being able to handle caps, trade effectively, and rotate to push isolated mechs.

Mechlab: ... b6be8ed94b70499ba1ed6d7d7 (all that really matters are the LA, LT, and RT)

Build notes: The RT gives a range boost as well as the acceleration/deceleration benefits that you'd normally get if you just took set-of-8 pods for the LBK-C, so it's just a straight upgrade if you're already taking laser vom. The C left torso and arm are mandatory for obvious reasons (the only exception being that the B LA and C LA are functionally identical). Both HLLs are placed into the side torsos first to give the mech a bit of a top peek, although I don't leverage that aspect very often due to the Linebacker's fairly long torso and low-ish cockpit. Usually if you can see your opponent they can almost definitely shoot you back.

Skilltree: ... 481081db0b33d01#s=Weapons

Skilltree notes: I really like having maximum speed tweak on the linebacker since it really fits with the mobile play style (to be described below) and allows you to contest caps / show up places well before your enemies might expect. Outside of that, I take the pretty standard stuff -- laser duration, max range, left half of survival, the upper part of ops for some extra heat management, quad consumables and then as much heatgen as I can get. I occasionally take UAVs as opposed to strikes on some maps where I expect to be playing under the enemy's nose or in tight blind areas for a larger portion of the game (such as Caustic Valley and Frozen City).



Idea behind the mech: I literally threw this mech together in between drops 2 and 3 of our match. We mainly wanted a medium that could hold at the edge of the caldera on Caustic Valley and deal with a push or a standoff deck, but we used our dupe on the Night Gyr so we couldn't take a Bushwhacker for the tankiness or the Hunchback-IIC for the raw power. I was planning on running a 2xPPC Huntsman and dealing with the low DPS but decided to swap to the ATM huntsman at the last second after seeing how effective the ATMs were for ISEN in drop 2 of that set and knowing the strong poptart power of ATMs at the edge of the caldera. I had a 3xATM3 3xATM6 unskilled huntsman built already that I had used for trying out ATMs when they came out, so I threw a skill tree together and dropped some ammo to up one ATM3 to an ATM6 for extra punch. While I didn't end up fighting from the edge of the caldera as planned, I was able to stay close enough to ISEN's mechs throughout the majority of the fight to still have the ATMs deal their damage. I really was pleasantly surprised with how potent this mech turned out to be considering that it was a last-minute addition to the deck.

Mechlab: ... 07a3ed7cb150c796610647ce7

Build notes: Basically just take maximum missile pods, just with the Prime RT as opposed to the C RT for additional torso yaw. I run the left side missiles on weapon group 1 and right side on group 2 with high mounts on 3.


Skilltree: ... 0c95065f3abdf26#s=Weapons

Skilltree notes: I threw this together really quickly, so it's not perfectly optimized, but the general things are there: survivability, some mobility (helps for a brawly mech), quad consumables, and the rest into firepower (ops doesn't matter as much due to the low # of heatsinks).


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