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Grimmechs with UCRstarwolf from ISEN
Posted by live1991 on 27 May 2018 (648 reads)

Grimmechs with UCRstarwolf from ISEN

We have been asking Div A teams to provide some insight into their mech builds and choices.


In the match between ISEN and 228 - Drop 2 Terra Therma, UCRstarwolf steps into a Huntsman-P scoring with 585 damage, 2 kills and 6 assists.

We asked UCRstarwolf why he ran this mech.

We ran the Huntsman because it can boat 4 ATM-6 (which triggers ghost heat but is effectively heat neutral) while also having lots of jump jets to ensure vertical ATM angles. It also packs 3 ERMLs, a Light Tag, and some ammo and heat sinks.  In the skill tree, I prioritized firepower, focusing on Velocity and Heat Gen.  I also went full survivability, 13 in the Operations tree for the Cool Run nodes, and 9 in Auxiliary for full UAVs and both cool shots.
The ATMs all fired on the called focus target, and once we get into optimal damage range the enemy mechs really start to melt.  This thing pumps out up to 72 damage per alpha (93 if you include the lasers!), and there were five of us with them.  ATMs are surprisingly versatile.  If the enemy runs away then you get free shots all day.  If they back up while shooting you do more and more damage with each volley as you close the distance.  If they don't understand ATMs then they will try to trade with you and will get straight up wrecked, which is something we saw in our scrims and matches. 

Mechlab: ... 3854f4bea54759069e516f2bd

Skilltree: ... abc29#s=Mech%20Operations


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