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A story of a young Jarl and his Summoner
Posted by live1991 on 27 May 2018 (1757 reads)

A story of a young Jarl and his Summoner


This is my Summoner. There many like it, but this one is mine.

So, you want to fight like me. To kill like me. To master the game like me. That is commendable, that is appreciable, that is... understandable. However starting at the Summoner requires us to skip so many steps. In order to be me, to really climb inside me and rip the neurons out of my grasp, you have to start at the beginning, you have to make an MWO unit whose entire purpose is to carry you to the very top on their backs.

It’s a hard road, filled with personal mediocrity and a choir of heroes, but it can be done. With a wink, with a smile, with a hat and with a song.

But, I suppose that is a tale for another day, and so instead, I shall just tell you, dryly, of some random mech I once took into a match.

Strap your children down to their space-abuse pods, and get your soggy popcorn ready, cuz this is going to be, uh, fun.

“Why an ATM Summoner, Jarl Dane you magnificent bastard” you are almost certainly asking me through the monitor, having momentarily forgotten that I can’t actually hear or interact with you through it since this is like an article I wrote up in the likely past. That’s okay though, I understand your confusion and will answer your well-meaning question anyways.

“Because,” I say with some slight pause to make you think for just a moment I am being a bit vague and useless, but then thankfully continue, “we had better things to do with our NTG’s and mediums.”

You see, I continued without using quotation marks as I had moved on from that gimmick, we were on Caustic drop three with 4 heavies, 3 mediums, and 1 assault. We’ve seen many teams on this map use a powerful ATM Night Gyr (make sure to mentally read my voice saying “Gyr” like “Jeer”, not the other ways. I’d never say it the other ways and it would make my mental voice in your head a lie.) as part of their drop decks. While we like that mech and have taken it on other maps, we like the NTG more as a direct fire platform. None of the other heavies quite packs the same punch as the NTG shooting pinpoint and dakka weapons and stuff.

At the same time, we had very specific roles for our mediums. We wanted them to be free to get involved and commit hard. Not having to deal with the mechanics of making an ATM mech work on this map. Of having to manage their ranges, and work around terrain, and lose peaks or whatever because they were trying to get locks. We didn’t have time for that. I didn’t have time for that. I needed mediums to GO. I needed mediums to BE. And so I needed something else to be an ATM boat.

And lo and behold there the Summoner was found. A mech whose mobility was good enough to not need quirks, who still had enough ATM’s on it to pack a punch, who wouldn’t detract from the NTG double, and who would look good doing it all.


I shaved some armor here and there in order to get the tag. After trying multiple mechs out in Pug Queue it became apparent to me that ATM mech’s really just need that tag. The closer grouping, the better clumping, it really helps your ATM’s pack a wallop. And wallop’s are what I am all about.

When it came to Skill Tree’ing this beastly boast of a breathtaking Mech, I was all about the pow-pows and the clang-clangs.


I invested hard in firepower. I wanted my ATM’s do the most work possible. To ensure that every salvo I got off did Thor’s work. For reasons far beyond my ken I often die, like immediately, in most comp matches I am. No one is sure why, it’s one of the great mysteries of our time, but despite that, it still does seem to happen a lot. So what damage I can do before I die HAS GOTS to be worth it.

I also got some cooldowns cuz waiting for your ATM’s to fire again can be like agony mid-match.


Again, for reasons only the Norns know, I die early and hard and often in comp matches. So I needed to be able to take some damage. I felt good about this mech’s base mobility and loaded up on survival.


As my Mech lacks heatsinks, it gets a little warm in her, and so I got me some cool run nodes to try and keep things pre-burnt as best I could. Probably best to run your mech naked though.

PRO TIP: Bring eggs to cook on your knees mid-battle for a quick and filling meal that’ll keep your energy up!

Also I wanted my UAV’s to be supercharged. UAV’s are very important to my work as a dude that shoots lock on missiles at other dudes. And got some coolshot stuff too to help with heat issues we’ve already discussed.

And there you have it. I know it’s probably not exactly groundbreaking. I am not really a rocket scientist over here. Just a Jarl. A Jarl doing Jarl things.

Dane OUT

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