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Strike Vote for S10
Posted by live1991 on 29 Mar 2018 (865 reads)

MRBC S10 Strike vote

Can each team(not units) that has signed up for S10 of MRBC, Please make sure they have one of their team managers on discord with the team manager role. If you are missing it please pm Live1991 on Discord
If you refuse to use discord please PM live1991 on the MRBC site.

The vote will last for 48 hours starting on the NOW, with the results being made publicly

Yes need 51% to ban strikes

Patch Notes

- Airstrike (Both c-bill and MC versions of the consumables):

Number of shells per strike reduced to 6 (from 10)

Duration reduced to 0.6 (from 1)

Lateral Bomb radius increased to 10. (from 7.5)

Resized Image

Airstrike Design notes: When it came to the two types of strike options available, Airstrikes tended to overshadow Artillery strikes

due to their ability to accurately arc over cover and deliver their entire payload across a full cluster of Enemy 'Mechs. While arcing over cover and punishing 'Mechs camped immediately behind cover is the cornerstone of the Airstrikes role, its ability to both be buried well out of sight of an opposing force while still being able to successfully hit targets hundreds of meters outside the initial engagement zone is something we wish to curb.

We are going to remove some of its shells and distance to make the consumable focused on breaking targets immediately behind cover. These changes will keep Airstrikes potent against opponents that are hiding immediately behind cover, but will remove the ability for the bombs to carry through to targets hundreds of meters away form the initial bombing area unless the smoke can be successfully placed closer to the initial target.

Please keep in mind when voting, unless you give 100% proof the other team used a strike no fines will be given.

MRBC recommends you try to scrim with and without strikes to see the true effect that will have on the game play.

The vote

Taking into account the above information would you like to see a ban on strikes in season 10 of MRBC.

Answer will be - Region - Team name - Yes or No.

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