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MWOWC 2017 Semi Finals Game 10: WDMC vs RJFS
Posted by live1991 on 28 Sep 2017 (512 reads)

MWOWC 2017 Semi Finals Game 10: WDMC vs RJFS

The competitors:


7th place 26 wins, 6 losses, 4.33 W/L Ratio



8th place, 50 wins, 17 losses, 2.94 W/L Ratio


Competition Structure: Best of 3
Game Mode: Conquest
Player Count: 8 versus 8
Map: Determined by Teams through the Map Banning feature
Time of Day: Noon (locked)
Match Timer: 15 Minutes
View Mode: First Person Only
Tonnage Rules: 2/2/2/2 Weight Class structure

Video Link -


Drop 1 - RJFS Wins on Kills 8 to 4

Resized Image

Drop 2 - RJFS Wins on Kills 8 to 1

Resized Image

Val's Top 2 things we learned from game 10

1. RJFS are very comfortable on Mining Collective, and I am reasonably sure the remaining teams will ban it when playing against them.

RJFS seem to understand the strengths of each side well. While on the weaker side to control theta they are very practiced at rotating caps through on the north and south, generating movement from the enemy. WDMC funneled into a ball at the south side of theta because of that. While all mechs were still on the field, I felt RJFS had control of the entire match and would win given time. A solid and methodical win from RJFS in game 1.

2. I'm not exactly sure what WDMC was thinking in game 2. (Déjà vu from my last report).

This is the exact thing I said about WDMC's game 2 in their first match against PHL. They took the same map, with the almost exact same deck (1 mad2c swapped for a KDK-3), and tried to do the same thing, except didn't execute as well. What makes it worse is that RJFS had beaten 228O on this map receiving a push in the same area. If they had watched videos of earlier semi finals they should have known that, and had a plan to dislodge them (smart management of caps, similar to what RJFS did to them in the very previous game).

Much like the 2 other EU teams eliminated, WDMC is a good team, but their planning, decision making and execution is not quite good enough to beat the very best teams in MWO.

After watching all of the EU teams play, against their own region and others, I feel confident saying that the 2 remaining EU teams in the tournament are the best EU has to offer. I wish RJFS well in their next match. They will be playing the dark horse of the tournament, JGx, and they will need to be at their very best to defeat them.

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