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MWOWC 2017 Semi Finals Game 12: SJR vs TCAF
Posted by live1991 on 28 Sep 2017 (569 reads)

MWOWC 2017 Semi Finals Game 12: SJR vs TCAF

The competitors:


3rd place, 63 wins, 34 losses, 1.85 W/L Ratio



12th place, 25 wins, 14 losses, 1.94 W/L Ratio


Competition Structure: Best of 3
Game Mode: Conquest
Player Count: 8 versus 8
Map: Determined by Teams through the Map Banning feature
Time of Day: Noon (locked)
Match Timer: 15 Minutes
View Mode: First Person Only
Tonnage Rules: 2/2/2/2 Weight Class structure

Video Link -


Drop 1 - SJR Wins on Kills 8 to 2

Resized Image

TCAF clumped Epsi/Gamma, SJR had good intel and spread/rotated.

By the time TCAF pushed, SJR had whittled them down enough that it was cleanup around Theta.

Drop 2 - SJR Wins on Kills 8 to 1

Resized Image

- Khornite and Glory on top for SJR were left alone the entire match, and as a result provided intel and dps for SJR the entire match, allowing them to rotate around and dismantle TCAF with minimal fire in return.

- TCAF unintentionally conga lined, which led to them being completely caught out when they focused on Quicksilver Kalasa.

Val's Top 2 things we learned from game 12

1. After a good performance from TCAF in their first match, I expected more from them than we saw in the second.

Maybe Tourmaline is simply TCAF's best map, or Mining Collective their worst. From my perspective, they just seemed really confused in the way they approached the first game. They took great positions initially along the southern side for a trading cap control setup. The kicker was they didn’t have trade mechs. They had mid range laser vomit hunchback 2C, a close range nova, some trading summoners and mid range dps kodiaks. Their mech choices seemed at odds with each other, and also at odds with their strategy and initial placements. They needed a much more central setup to start from with those mechs. I really think TCAF had lost their first game here before stepping onto the map.

In the second game, after a great start pressuring the 2 SJR hunchbacks on the wall, they began to falter. Their summoners began to lose trades badly to the erLL hunchbacks and dropped off the wall. Giving up high ground control can be costly on HPG, as they found out. Once again drop deck choices hurt them also. They took 2 WLF-2's to this map, which do not have jump jets. That meant they had no way to dislodge those 2 SJR mechs on high ground. Two ACH would have served them better here, being able to force the hunchbacks down with the help of the summoners. Instead the summoners dropped down, and pushed SJR with TCAF's main body. As a result the whole team presented their backs to the hunchbacks and got sandwiched into a bad place, going after the bait mech.

While TCAF are a good, solid team, it appears that they have some execution and decision making issues to work on. Both in the planning stages and in matches that stop them from winning against MWO's elite teams.

1. SJR looked very methodical in their victory and this win should make them feel more settled moving through the second chance bracket.

There really isn't too much to say here. SJR came into each match with a clear plan, and executed well. With the exception of the 2 hunchbacks losing early trades in HPG (which they clawed back showing great poise), they all had a pretty clean performance. They had a tough first matchup against 228BW, and will feel good getting a win under their belt in a convincing 2-0 fashion.

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