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Interview with Tolson From 42NS
Posted by live1991 on 05 Jun 2017 (383 reads)

Interview with Tolson From 42NS

"I feel your scorn and I accept it."

NS + 42 merger

Hi, please introduce yourself for those who many not know who you are?

Started with the older video games - MechWarrior I-IV, BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks' Revenge, MechCommander, and reading the books. Aside from that, I work in physics & robotics with interest in superconductors (materials that exhibit no electrical resistance below a critical temperature).

What was your first exposure to the competitive gaming scene?

Back during MRBC Season 4 we made a team and won NA - Division D with a 24-1 record (I recall it was our very first game we played, that we lost). It was a fun season.

Introduce your team briefly?

42NS is a merger of -42- and Night's Scorn, and members of NA Division A this season.

What were your teams goals this season?

-42- had lost a few players to D5 in the off-season, then had a merger with NS. Together NS+42 were planning to end up around NA Div B. As often happens, due to shortage of teams willing to play in Div A (it can be rough up there), we ended up being shuffled into Div A.

What has been the most challenging part this season?

Winning versus the top teams in the games & keeping moral up when you don't win. A lot of players are used to winning 80-90% of the drops they do, so when you start playing SJR, EMP, D5, 228, Oz and losing for the first time, people don't know how to react.

What about the most rewarding?

The thrill of the battle. Then improving as a team and seeing players who never thought they'd be able to compete in Div A, play with us and start doing top damage while taking down extremely skilled opponents.
How do you prepare to win your drops each week?

How do you prepare to win your drops each week?

Look at opponents, look at yourselves, & get people in comfortable mechs.

How does your team take a loss, what do you take out of it?

When you lose it's important to not point fingers, & instead take it as a personal challenge to improve your own scores. We use this mentality.

What strengths do you feel the players bring to team cohesion as a whole? Any particular personality traits or quirks that have caught your eye?

Phil Colins & Crockdaddy are skilled & seasoned competitive players, as is the NS lineup. Our Co-Captains Zudukai & PrometheusTNO are both a huge bonus for the team, and -42- now has 2 seasons experience in Division A, with additions like Evan20k/Lurch98 who have great attitudes for competitive, and Kesmai who just stepped into his very first MRBC match in Div A, and did top (419) dmg for us Drop 1 versus SJR.

Going forward towards future tournaments, and eventually the WC, what plans do you have to help your players continue to grow and remain sharp?

We can beat most teams - but those big 5-6 teams, the ones from NA and EU Div A, we still struggle against. We'll continue to do internal scrims, external scrims, and keep improving as players.

How is it that you present criticism in a way that is accepted and not seen as inflammatory or offensive?

We're all grown adults here, just treat people with respect.

How are you finding the skill tree, has it changed the way you’re playing or the mechs you bring?

It's amazing. Love it. Opens up the door for competitive players to make really clever new builds.

As a competitive player, what are some changes you would like to see made to competitions to improve competitive play?

FREE FOR ALL MODE!! (1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1) Also, remove cbill cost of modules in private lobby.

What tips do you have for aspiring competitive players?

Until they start paying you like a fulltime job, don't make it one. Find a fun group and enjoy it

Finally, do you feel that you and this roster can win MWO WC 17 ?

If magically our team gets put in AP - then a free trip to Vancouver could be on the table. Aside from that, EMP will likely win it again. We've trained with them a few times over the past 2 seasons, and they are a good crew.

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