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Another Record Breaking Season of MRBC League Is About To Start!
Posted by Doyle on 03 Apr 2017 (1320 reads)

Another record breaking season of MRBC League is about to start, thanks again to all 78 teams who signed up! We really can't say enough how much we appreciate your support! We have tied the record for EU team sign ups and broken the NA record this season which is fantastic!
The divisions and week 1 fixtures have now been posted. As ever there were some tough decisions to make but we feel confident that the match-ups should be as competitive as we can make them.

Team Leaders, please take a moment to review your team profile to make sure your preferred match days are set in the order of your priority. These days will be compared weekly to choose your match day 7 days before the designated match week starts, so week 1 has already been drawn based on the days you already had filled in on your team profiles. It is important that you stay on top of this to make the scheduling process as smooth as possible. Match fixtures will be automatically generated on a 'best fit' system by the website, based on the preferences teams have chosen. It is also important that you pick 4 different days in order of preference so there will always be a day that works for both teams in any given fixture. You might not always get your first choice of day but you will always get the day that is the most fair to both teams. Just so it's clear, this is decided by a computer program not an admin. This season we have added the ability for teams to reschedule their matches without needing to contact an admin to get the date changed. So as long as both teams agree to the rescheduled date and time you are free to edit that in the database yourselves without involving an admin. Where teams cannot agree on a reschedule the default match date generated by the website will be the official date the match is expected to be played on.

All matches will be scheduled using the default region fallback time. If you would like to move this to a different time, go to your 'My Matches' screen and click "Edit Match Time". You will be able to submit an alternate time for the opposing team to review and accept or reject.
If an alternate time cannot be agreed upon the default region fallback time will be enforced.

Tune in and follow the MRBC twitch channels for Season 9 with more teams, more mechs and more action than ever before!

Good luck with your matches everyone and we hope you have a great season!

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