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MWA Test Season Re. Withdraws, Forfeits, and 3-Cap Conquest
Posted by TheSilken on 10 Aug 2016 (1068 reads)

It seems that there is some confusion going around currently about withdrawn players, how to handle forfeits, and what to do once a round is drawn and moves into 3-Cap Conquest format. The purpose of this news post is to address these issues and hopefully alleviate some of problems players are having with them.

Let's begin with withdraws. Withdraws are players who have decided to withdraw from the Test Season entirely due to a variety of reason ranging from unexpected real life situations, unpleasant experiences, etc. Players who have made it clear that they wish to withdraw are marked on our site with [WD] at the end of their player name. If you see [WD] as part of a player's name then you are no longer obligated to play them and can cross them off of your schedule completely since these matches are treated as forfeits by the rules. Because they are forfeits you are still required to fill out the stats for all 3 rounds of that match. When you go to fill out these stats all that is required for a forfeit is to mark the round as a win and to set everything else to N/A, screenshots are not required at all for forfeits. One more thing, the mech used field will require you to make a selection from its drop down list, Shelle is working on a N/A option for it but if it is not there then just select a random mech and move on.

Ok so we've covered forfeits dealing with withdrawn players so let's go over ones dealing with people who do not show up to a match. For a match to be eligible to be counted as a forfeit win by a player they must be: present at the agreed upon date and time for the match, have waited a minimum of 15 minutes past the agreed upon date and time, tried to contact their opponent via some media (TS, Discord, forums, messaging, etc.), and notified an admin or a referee of the issue via support ticket or message. If the opponent does respond to any messages sent and requests a reschedule or delay of match then it is up to the offended party (the player who showed up on time) to decide whether or not to agree to it or count it as a forfeit in their favor. When a match is counted as a forfeit after this process then the players are to fill out the match stats in the same manner stated above when dealing with withdraws. We will be working on improving the forfeit system as the season progresses to minimize time and effort spent by players filling out stats on empty matches.

Lastly I want to hit up on drawn rounds, how they are to be handled, and what exactly is 3-Cap Conquest format. For a round to be drawn (tied) both players must have survived until the timer ran out in Skirmish mode. If a round is drawn it is to be re-dropped before moving on to the next scheduled round in the match with the standard 5 minute prep time allowed for players to make changes to mechs/equipment. If a round is drawn on any map that is not the 1v1 Test, 2v2 Test, 4v4A Test, or 4v4B Test maps (these 4 are Solaris maps) then it is to be re-dropped with the Gamemode changed to Conquest and following the 3 cap rule. In 3 Cap Conquest the only caps allowed to be legally captured are the 2 starting caps and Theta cap. Just to clarify, a starting cap is one that either starts out already capped or is closest to the player's spawn point if one is not capped. The other 2 non-starting caps are illegal to capture and will result in forfeiture of the round for the offending party(ies) if the round ends due to time or cap points. Basically if someone captures an illegal cap, accidentally or intentionally, then they must kill their opponent to be able to win, anything else and they lose the round. Also, when a round is drawn in Skirmish (which is where neither participant was killed and time ran out) it is to be immediately re-dropped and settled rather than moving on to the next round in the match. Rounds can never realistically be drawn in Conquest as even if the timer runs out someone will almost certainly have more cap points on the scoreboard than their opponent. If both players cap an illegal point and the round is ended by the timer running out or the scoreboard reaching 750 points for either player then the round is treated as a loss to both of them with all stats voided when inputting that round's stats.

So let's use Canyon Network as an example since it is a non-Solaris map. Round 2 ended in a draw where neither participant was killed and the 10:00 minute timer ran out. Both participants would immediately go back to the lobby, make any changes to their mechs within the 5 minute timer, and set everything the same for Round 2 as they did before but change the Gamemode setting from Skirmish to Conquest. Now when they start the round each player will start out with a cap either already in their possession or directly next to their starting position. On Canyon Network these starting caps are Gamma and Sigma cap. So during the round on Canyon the participants are only allowed legally to capture 3 caps: Gamma, Sigma, and Theta. Kappa and Epsilon are the illegal caps.

Hope this helps!
- TheSilken

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Published: 2016/8/11 17:36  Updated: 2016/8/11 23:02
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 Marking inactive players as WD?
Will anyone be looking at players that haven't played a single game by the end of this week and marking them as inactive or withdrawn? I've run into a handful on my schedule and it would be nice to have then officially marked instead of looking up profiles and waiting around when they no show. A WIZARD OF OZ, WOLFCLAW, ELWOOD, ARIANRHOD, INFLAMEZZ, HUMANCONDITION, SGTSKULLSHATTER, ANY CHANCE OF PEACE. All seem like total no shows however I'd be more then willing to play if they show up at some point.
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 Re: Marking inactive players as WD?
Think I forgot to ask to withdraw. but Yeah life happened and I just can't do mwo right now :(