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MWA Test Season PSA - Premium Time And How It Affects You
Posted by TheSilken on 09 Aug 2016 (908 reads)

Hello mech fans and welcome to the now live Test Season! I hope everyone is having fun with their matches, I know there are some issues but please try and push through them. Now I would like to talk about the all important Premium Time issue. For all those who are inexperienced when it comes to Private Lobbies, 2 players with Premium Time are required to be present in the lobby in order for a game to be launched by the lobby host. Now, I know what most of you are thinking, "I have to buy Premium Time in order to play in Mechwarrior Arena?", and the answer is no you do not need to assuming you use the following ways around it. Note that these methods are all perfectly legal and easy to accomplish so don't get nervous about them.

The first method around it is the easiest and it involves fulfilling the 2 player Premium Time requirement artificially. The way this is done is the 2 official participants of the match will invite 1-2 (depending on PT of official participants) other players with Premium Time into the lobby. These players can be referees, volunteers, friends, or even helpful strangers (in that order) so long as they have Premium Time. Once the Premium Time requirement is fulfilled the host will notice that on the left side of the screen the lobby settings will all be unlocked. What you are to do now is switch the Full Teams setting to 'No'. Once this is done the extra players should be able to drop out of the lobby with the setting staying set but no longer accessible. If the Full Teams setting resets itself then re-invite the extra players, change the setting again, and launch the match with them still in the lobby. Have them immediately suicide at the start of the round via either overheating or running out of bounds. You do not need to wait on them once the round starts, just focus on your game and let them kill themselves dishonorably behind you. If they refuse to suicide then notify your opponent, end the game, kick the extras, and find some more to fill their slot that will work with you correctly.

The second method requires more effort than the first as it involves filling the lobby completely on both teams. The Full Teams setting will most likely not unlock for use but you will not need it as you fulfilled the full team requirement. It is recommended that you find people that you can trust to do this as it is exponentially more risky than the first method due to the number of extras present. Find as many referees and volunteers as you can on the MRBC Teamspeak or Discord MWA Channel before adding friends. If you absolutely have to then try to get some strangers to help out but this is very risky. Once this is done, do the round as normal but have everyone else suicide as soon as possible, we do not want interference from extras. Enjoy your match and laugh maniacally about the mass suicide occurring behind you.

One additional word of advice, especially to newer players to competitive stuff: Make the effort to message your opponent if you are unable to attend your match at the agreed upon date / time. Whether you are trying to reschedule, requesting a delay of game, or simply saying "Hey I can't make it don't wait up" it will be appreciated trust me. Be courteous and remember that they have taken time out of their day to fulfill their part of the bargain and you should at least make some sort of effort.

Good Luck!
- TheSilken

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