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MWA Test Season Start Date And Scheduling
Posted by TheSilken on 05 Aug 2016 (1262 reads)

This is the last news article regarding MWA's Test Season start date as the scheduler is fully operational and is now officially live. Previous iterations of the scheduler and all matches in them were tests and were subjected to change. Just want to make that clear to everyone so please double check your match dates and opponents just in case something changed. The earliest matches are set for Monday August 8th, instead of the previously stated August 6th. Also, I want to point out that the way the scheduler works is a bit different than stated before. Before the system would generate a match date and you had to reschedule a match before then as it served as a fall back date. In the current system this has changed for the better, players will still have a generated match date but will now be able to reschedule matches to any date provided that it is before the end of that stage of the season and their opponent is in agreement. So now if a player is going on vacation or is caught up in real life they have the entire 4 weeks of the Round Robin stage available to them as potential reschedule dates rather than a partial week as in previous iterations.

Ok so that covers that, let's go over some other important details that you should pay attention to before the start of the matches. First, PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY. To help minimize issues that pop up in the Test Season and to increase player enjoyment please take some time to review the rules again before Monday. Some rules have been updated/changed since the announcement of the Test Season so it is best to be aware of them and understand them to help make the season as smooth as possible. Second, this is a Test Season, don't get bent out of shape if your stats are not what you want them to be. It is highly unlikely that we will be including these statistics in later seasons, so if you are having some bad matches just take some time to cool off, reasses your matches, and get ready for the official seasons down the road. Use this time to improve yourself and get familiar with Mechwarrior Arena's format and match system rather than worrying about essentially worthless numbers. Lastly, our portion of the site is still in its infancy so there will be bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. If you encounter a bug please submit a support ticket detailing what the issue was and where so that Shelle can work her magic and solve the issue. One more thing (yes I fibbed), I hope everyone has fun with their matches in the Test Season, be courteous, and blow up some mechs (or die heroicly).

Good luck mechwarriors,

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