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2018/8/15 2:54
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Hello everyone,

I am new to mrbc and am a unit of one, I would like to start competing in the league, really I’m not sure how to proceed. I have seen the term mentioned “ringers”, I am more than happy to help another team already in the league when they are having trouble fielding a team on scheduled match days, I am really only looking to get my feet wet at this point so a low division team (not to imply I have the skill or knowledge to start in a higher division) that is maybe a little short would like to give me an opportunity to try out and maybe fill in some short rosters. Not really sure how all this works when your a solo player, some insight and suggestions are all welcome.

TY in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and respond to this post

Will iam Wall ace

Posted on: 2018/9/3 22:32
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