MRBC Season 8 Data
MWO Division Based League
MRBC is an unofficial Mechwarrior Online league with an ongoing unit rating system, accessible to units of all abilities due to the league table system. Teams can progress up through the league by winning their division which is run over a 6 week season, and eventually earn their place among the top units in the game.

We also want to encourage matches that are exciting to watch, so match videos and streams are a big part of MRBC league and we hope that with accessible content showing high quality matches with entertaining commentary the game will pick up a bigger audience and grow as an e-sport.

Check out the profiles of some of the teams that take part in MRBC, or take your pick from over 3500 drop videos from past seasons:

Completed Season 8 Results
28th Oct 228 0 - 5 JGX full results
27th Oct 228 0 - 0 EmP awaiting results
27th Oct 2NS 0 - 5 ISEN full results
27th Oct HHoD 0 - 5 BOSS full results
27th Oct SRPH 0 - 3 -Qc- awaiting results
27th Oct 228 0 - 5 CSJx full results
27th Oct MM-DP 0 - 5 AW full results
27th Oct BSMC 5 - 0 TCAF full results
27th Oct BVNJ 3 - 2 GCGB full results
27th Oct 31HR 5 - 0 CWM full results
27th Oct ASRC 0 - 5 OMC full results
27th Oct COMA 0 - 0 ARMD awaiting results
26th Oct 19th 1 - 4 RJF Eyrie full results
26th Oct 9STS 5 - 0 SwK/228 full results
26th Oct ASM 4 - 1 331st Minnesota Tribe full results

Upcoming Matches (view all upcoming)
28th Oct SRoT vs CHB @21:00 EDT
29th Oct C-XF vs DSA @21:00 AEDT
29th Oct LORD vs RJF @20:00 BST
29th Oct BSI vs SA @21:00 EDT
29th Oct STUN vs KONG @21:00 EDT
30th Oct BB vs N-71 @20:00 AEDT
30th Oct 1BTC vs GBKP @21:00 AEDT
30th Oct WDMC vs EON @20:00 GMT
30th Oct PhD vs DUDE @20:00 GMT
30th Oct MJ12 vs PHL @20:00 GMT
30th Oct Reservoir Pugs vs -D5- @21:00 EDT
30th Oct 54MR vs BTD @21:00 EDT
30th Oct FLH vs RC @21:00 EDT
30th Oct PL vs 228 @21:00 EDT
30th Oct SA vs DAM @21:00 EST

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Cadre v HHoD S8M5
Cadre v HHoD S8M4
Cadre v HHoD S8M3
Cadre v HHoD S8M2
Cadre v HHoD S8M1